Walking Strong: Stay Active and Independent with a Walker

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When it comes to diminishing or lost mobility, one of the main worries people have is that it will affect their independence and quality of life. For those who are used to living active and varied lives, the possibility of losing their ability to socialize, enjoy their hobbies, and live a self-sufficient daily existence, can be a stressful and difficult idea to deal with. 

However, it doesn’t have to be the case—while there are adjustments to make, there are also ways you can enable a lifestyle that you want. Mobility aids are one such way of doing that, and today we’re going to focus on walkers and how they can help you maintain an active and independent lifestyle. 

Move With Freedom 

Our ability to move around as we please is something many of us take for granted, and so when it gets more difficult that can be devastating to deal with. But a walker can go a long way in helping people to maintain a certain level of mobility. With a walker, you’re able to walk in a safe and supported manner that reduces the level of exertion and physical strain on your body. 

Just as importantly, it gives you confidence—letting you navigate any environment without having to worry about the physical challenges of doing so, and providing you with the freedom to still remain active. Whether you’re going on a day out to the sea or simply enjoying a casual walk around your local neighborhood, a walker is a vital support.

Improve Mental Health and Wellbeing 

The lack of ability to move around and act independently can be an exacerbating factor for many when it comes to negatively affecting their happiness and wellbeing, but even the ‘simple’ act of going for a walk can go a long way to improving mental health. We know that being outside and enjoying the world around us can be helpful when it comes to relieving the effects of depression and anxiety, something that a walker can enable. As we get older, we also often have to worry about the possibility of cognitive decline and brain function, something that low impact exercise such as walking can help improve. 

Another challenge as we get older can be finding time to keep up with friends & family and generally just socialize as much as we might like. The improved mobility and greater independence a walker provides can be tremendously beneficial in that area as well. 

Physical Health Benefits 

Living an active and independent lifestyle isn’t just about the emotional and mental health benefits, it’s also important for maintaining your physical health. Walking has a wide range of health benefits, many of which become even more important as we age, and even with the use of a walker you’ll still be able to see the benefits of these if you’re able to make it a part of your regular daily/weekly activities. As a low impact form of exercise, regular walking is able to improve your cardiovascular health, aiding your circulation and reducing your risk of heart disease. 

Since a walker alleviates pressure on joints, feet, and legs, and decreases the amount of effort it takes to walk, there are several medical conditions that a walker can support and improve quality of life from: 

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) 
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Cardiovascular Conditions
  • Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Osteoporosis
  • Obesity

Maintain Healthy Posture 

Maintaining good posture is especially vital as we get older, as it can be key to preventing neck pain and a variety of back and joint issues. When it comes to the spine, this can also have an effect throughout the rest of the body, making keeping as upright and straight of a spine as possible an important aspect of how you move around. 

By utilizing a walker correctly, and focusing on keeping your head up and looking forward, you’ll be able to maintain a comfortable and beneficial posture when you’re walking around. When purchasing a walker, you should also look for an option with suitably large wheels, as this will enable you to focus on looking ahead while moving around comfortably. 

Choosing The Right Walker 

When deciding on the right walker option for you, it’s important to get a size that will be comfortable to use—this is key to ensuring the walker gives you the support that you need from it. While most walkers are adjustable, this is within a limited range, and you still need to factor in user height and the access requirements of the areas they’ll be navigating such as doorways, hallways, and other spaces. 

Because of this, we strongly advise getting a fitting before you make the purchase. Here at Island Mediquip we can do just that, and using our wealth of experience and knowledge we ensure you get the mobility aid that will help you lead the life you want. To find out more, contact us today or take a look through our extensive range of products