Ready for a Stairlift in Your Home?

Everyone wants to be able to comfortably access all of their home, but for those with mobility issues, this can become more difficult. If you have a home with multiple floors, getting up and down the stairs can become harder to do, often meaning you will avoid using them unless absolutely necessary, and can face challenges when it comes to getting to your bedroom or bathroom with ease.

This makes a stairlift a vital piece of equipment when it comes to helping you maintain your independence and comfort. Here’s our guide to what you need to know about stairlifts, and why they’re an essential purchase for your home.

Why You Should Have a Lift Chair

When it comes to getting older, it’s not just getting around that can become more difficult due to mobility issues, it can also affect the more sedentary parts of our day. This is especially true when it comes to how and where we choose to sit down, relax, and unwind.

Standard chairs can often be uncomfortable, as well as presenting a challenge when it comes to easily standing up from and sitting back down in them. That’s where lift chairs come in. Lift chairs are designed to aid with mobility issues and provide a comfortable experience for all people. Here’s our guide to why lift chairs are important, and what options are available to you when purchasing a lift chair. 

Using a Four Wheeled Rollator

Navigating daily life with mobility challenges can be daunting, but with the right support, it can become more manageable and even empowering. Four-wheeled rollators are a popular mobility aid that offers increased stability and convenience, helping individuals maintain their independence and freedom of movement.

However it’s important to use it properly to avoid any further issues and to ensure safety. Users should the time to become familiar with the features and practice proper techniques, as this will greatly enhance the benefits and improve wellbeing. Here are a few things to know about using a rollator.

Bath Safety Essentials

Bathing can sometimes be difficult, uncomfortable, and hazardous, especially for those with limited mobility. To avoid this affecting quality of life, there is a range of bathroom safety accessories and furniture that can be installed so that you have peace of mind, and ensures that using and navigating the bathroom is accessible and easy for people of all ages and needs.

New Year Resolutions – Plan for Success in 2024

Happy New Year! As we welcome in 2024 this is the time not only to reflect on the past year, but also make resolutions and set goals for the new year. This is a great time to set personal goals for yourself, as resolutions for the new year is such a well-recognized practice. Everyone is making plans, which creates a great mutual support network. Of course it is also well-recognized that many resolutions fail, however it does not have to be that way. Here are some things to consider if you’re going to make resolutions and want them to be successful.

Adjusting Your Home After a Stroke: A Mini Guide to Enhanced Safety and Comfort

Stroke Recovery

Recovering from a stroke can be a challenging journey, not just for the individual affected but also for their loved ones. One of the key aspects of this journey is adapting the home environment to ensure safety, comfort, and support during the recovery process. At Island Mediquip, we understand the importance of creating a living space that caters to the new needs of stroke survivors. This blog aims to provide practical tips and insights on how to adjust your home post-stroke.

7 Tips for Better Sleep + Benefits of Care Beds

Sleep plays a vital role in overall health, as sleep deprivation is linked to many chronic health problems, including heart disease, kidney disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, obesity, and depression. Getting enough quality sleep at the right times is vital for mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. Here are a few tips for better sleep, and some of the benefits of care beds.

6 Reasons Why Birdwatching Should Be Your New Hobby

One of the most relaxing and rewarding activities that nearly anyone can do is birdwatching. Vancouver Island especially is a paradise for birds, with hundreds of species making it their permanent or transient home. This is due to the mild climate and our geography offering them a huge diversity of habitats, from dense old growth cedar and douglas fir trees to rocky and sandy shorelines to tidal mud flats to inland rocky hilltops and Garry oak meadows. Birdwatching is a great hobby to get involved with, and we’ll explore why in this blog.

Tips for Gardening While in a Wheelchair

Gardening is one of the most relaxing and rewarding pastimes, whether you’re planting to create a beautiful and serene space, or growing herbs and plants for your kitchen. It’s a great way of spending your free time, keeping your mind and body active in the process.

However, gardening is not without its accessibility challenges, especially for those with mobility issues, which is why it’s important to understand what you can and can’t do, and what can be done in order to fully open up your garden to you so that you can make the most of the space available. To help you, we’ll run through some helpful tips for how to make gardening in a wheelchair comfortable and enjoyable.