Our Guide To Skin Breakdown Prevention

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For anyone who spends a significant amount of time in a bed or wheelchair, skin breakdown can be a serious problem. Once the onset of skin breakdown has started it can escalate, and spread, quickly - this makes preventative measure vitally important.

Depending on your individual needs and circumstances, there are a range of measures that can be taken to help prevent skin breakdown. Should you need treatment a prompt and decisive response can help to prevent the spread and escalation while offering relief from the symptoms of skin breakdown. 


One of the biggest keys to preventing the onset of skin breakdown is the quality and nature of the sleeping surface you’re using. Having a surface that helps reduce the amount of pressure put on your body, such as an air-filled or gel-filled surface, will help to lessen the risk of skin breakdown.

Likewise, the surface should be well aerated allowing your skin to breathe - this means avoiding materials like polyester and opting for cotton or natural animal fibers. 


The first and most important step when it comes to treating skin breakdown is to seek immediate medical advice. If you notice the development of early symptoms then immediately consult your doctor, or the nursing staff if you are living in a facility.

There are some steps you can also take at home to help alleviate symptoms, including making sure the affected areas are clean and dry, and using a proven moisturizing and blocking creams.  

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