How Home Care Beds Can Improve Your Quality Of Life

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When it comes to caregiving and improving quality of life—the presence of a home care bed is a vital step. These beds are essential to providing accessibility and comfort for patients with a wide variety of needs. Here we detail how a home care bed can improve quality of life, and what to consider before purchasing. 

Improving Accessibility 

A home care bed will come with a wide range of features, designed to improve accessibility and make day to day life easier for the patient. For many, getting in and out of a regular bed can prove a challenge, one that presents a genuine risk of fall and injury. A home care bed will offer side railings, which prevent falls and provide purchase when getting in and out of the bed.

Additionally, they will come with a function that allows for the height of the bed to be adjusted, something that can help people who have trouble sitting down from an upright position, as well as making the bed more comfortable. 

Freedom Of Movement

For a wide range of needs and conditions, home care requires a number of different pieces of equipment, aids, and more. With traditional beds, accommodating these items can be difficult, however, a home care bed will come with wheels, making it effectively portable. This means a home care bed can be moved in order to facilitate access for any of the following: 

  • Wheelchairs

  • Medical Equipment

  • Commodes

  • Access For Your Caregiver

If you’re someone whose condition means they need to be confined to a bed for long hours—then a home care bed can be a tremendous resource. The mobility they allow enables the bed to be transported to various rooms across your home, allowing you to limit the restrictiveness of your confinement and giving you greater freedom of movement in your daily life. 

Ageing In Place

Also known as ‘ageing at home’ this is becoming an increasingly popular choice for elderly people everywhere. Being able to spend the later years of your life in the familiar and comfortable environs of your home is something that appeals to many people. Coming with a  greater sense of comfort, improved quality of life, and increased freedom and independence.

One barrier to this can often be mobility and medical needs—which will require the presence of a caregiver to help with daily tasks and supervision. This is where a home care bed comes in, as a home care bed can help to facilitate this care, and make ‘ageing at home’ an option for even more people. 

Mattress Options

Something that can seem offputting for people looking for a home-care bed is the quality, and more specifically comfort levels, of the mattresses they will be sleeping on. However there are a wide range of options available that place an emphasis on comfort—such as the Rotec Multi-Position Homecare Bed sold here at Island Mediquip—as well as cushioned padding and air mattresses. If you have more specific medical needs, a home-care bed can be an ideal solution. Home- care beds are often made from material that is :  

  • Antibacterial 

  • Anti-static

  • Acid-resistant 

  • Waterproof 

Making them a safer, more durable, and easier to clean option. 

Making Caregiving Easy 

Caregivers perform a vital—and often unrecognized role—and anything that can make their job easier should always be welcomed. A home care bed makes the administration of a number of medical tasks—from IV hooking to helping the patient eat meals—easier and simpler. 

Better Positioning 

For anyone who is confined to their bed for significant periods of time, being able to sit in the right position is essential. Without this, there are a number of risk factors in play, including pressure sores. A home care bed enables users to adjust the positioning of the bed quickly and easily—meaning they can shift the pressure to another part of the body and arrange themselves in a more comfortable position. This also has the additional benefit of helping to improve circulation. 

At Island Mediquip we believe in helping people live their best lives possible no matter what their needs—this extends to our wide selection of home care beds. To find out more about what we offer, and to purchase your home-care bed—contact us today.