Do You Need A Home Elevator? Getting One is Easier Than You Think!

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Getting around your own multi-story home is relatively simple if you’re able to climb stairs. But if you aren’t, whether due to age or disability, heart or lung issues, vertigo, or whatever the reason is, if you find climbing stairs difficult or impossible it makes going around your own home very frustrating. 

Not being able to manage stairs in your home can potentially lead to being forced out of your home into a bungalow or building with an elevator to avoid the issue. 

However, there is a better option! 

A home elevator is a safe and effective option for getting around stairs. You might have considered this option in the past and thought it was not available to you or that it was out of reach due to the cost. 

But, a home elevator might be a lot easier to have installed than you thought. You don’t need a custom home or to completely alter your existing structure to get a lift installed that will help. 

How Are Home Elevators Installed?

You won’t need to tear apart your home to get an elevator or other type of lift installed. There are many different types that can be built into custom construction, added to pre-existing construction, or even added to the outside of the home. There are also different types of chair lifts that can get you up and down stairs without compromising your space or the outside silhouette of your home. 

Whichever home elevator you choose, the outcome is the same: a safe way for you to stay in your home if your mobility has been compromised. Being comfortable and independent in your own space is important but staying safe is important for not only you but also the people who care about you. 

A home elevator is a simple way to provide everyone with peace of mind and there is an option to fit every home. Island Lift Systems has you covered! 

No Machine Room Required 

You probably didn’t even think about this part when considering a home elevator. Many larger and more complicated models require a separate machine room to operate them properly and safely. 

Savaira Eclipse

The Savaria Eclipse Elevator is compact and offers many options for customization so that the interior matches the decor of your home. 

If this kind of elevator works for you, the door can be styled to look similar to the wall where the elevator is installed so that it’s essentially invisible. This most heavy-duty model can handle up to 450kg, can travel up to 15.25 meters, and can make six stops with options for two different openings. 

Through The Floor 

The Savaria Eclipse model may not require a machine room but it does require clearance above the unit for a hoistway apparatus and a “pit” below the unit to keep the whole rig safe. If you’re not sure about this system or you don’t think it will work with your home, the Savaria Telecab Elevator offers an even simpler system that allows the elevator cable to move through two levels through a cutout in the floor. 


This home elevator is perfect for people who don’t want to do much modification in their homes. It is compact and operates on a simple guide rail system so there aren’t any cables to extra machinery to deal with. This is a great option when a person’s mobility is compromised but they don’t want to make huge changes. The unit is neutral in color, modular, and minimally decorated. This is optimal for fitting in with all kinds of home decor. 

A Minimalist’s Dream 

A home elevator sounds like a large, clunky, and complicated addition to the home but that doesn’t have to be the case. The Stilz Duo Classic model is a minimalist’s dream after mobility has been compromised.

Stilz Duo

This unit features a sophisticated system that allows it to be installed anywhere in the home. There’s no need for added machinery, a pulley system, vacuum system, or anything else. 

This model plugs into the wall power socket that’s already in your home and takes up less than a square cubic meter. It can be tucked away anywhere like a corner, stairwell, or other parts of the house. It can carry two people up to one floor in less than 30 seconds.

Maintain Comfort and Mobility

There are many options for getting around your home after you’ve lost some mobility. Home elevators are accessible for your home and Island Lift Systems has the solutions you need to fit your home. 

Talk to us today and learn about financing, the different lift systems, and what’s right for you. Our experts are standing by to help you find the best way to remain comfortable, mobile, and safe in your home.