Advantages of Having a Hospital Bed At Home

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One of the best investments that a person can make is to buy an amazing bed. Sleeping well is important for all of us, but it is particularly important if you are suffering from an injury or mobility issue, as sleep plays a huge part in recovery and general wellbeing. 

Something that can help improve sleep is having the right bed and mattress, and if you have extra mobility needs, then a hospital bed may be the best option. Here we take a look at the particulars and benefits of hospital beds in your own home. 

Why Use a Hospital Bed? 

The term “hospital bed” may have a ring of sterility and discomfort to some people, but that is not accurate at all. Hospital beds, especially the ones made for the home are a supportive and stylish option for your home. Many are designed to make sure that they fit better into a home environment and don’t have the same institutionalized look as it would in a hospital. 

The most notable difference between a homecare hospital bed and a usual bed is that their head and rear are completely adjustable (and independent from each other), using hand controls. Many people who are awake in bed prefer to elevate their heads or feet and knees for therapeutic reasons and comfort. Then when sleeping, many require a flat, level surface to get the rest they need. And when resting when awake, they can adjust to a seated position to read or watch television. Different models bring different settings for posture adjustment. 

As hospital beds can be adjusted, they make it much easier for caregivers to assist. This means that there will be fewer awkward positions and reaching in unnatural positions to help you move around and get situated in bed.

Another distinctive feature of a homecare hospital bed are its rails, which have been put in place to make it easier for its users to get in and out of bed, as well as keeping them from falling out of bed. Most rails that come with homecare beds can also be easily adjusted to height and other preferences. Above all, these types of beds are designed specifically with the intention to be safe. 

In addition to the bed frames, the mattresses are made specifically for your comfort and have features such as helping to improve airflow and reduce moisture between yourself and the mattress. This is why mattresses should never be purchased used, as they can have bacteria and pathogens in the fabric. Mattresses are also more likely to be degraded after years of use and will not be as flexible or comfortable as a newly purchased model.

Hospital Bed Options and Accessories

When deciding on what kind of homecare bed to buy, you’ll want to take into account your own specific requirements. We are able to offer a wide variety of options, each with its own unique design functions. 

For example, the Patriot LX Homecare Bed is one of the lightest beds on the market at the moment and only weighs around 126 lbs. It is a bed that requires minimum set-up time and it also doesn’t require a lot of maintenance.  Among its features, it has an anti-microbial technology built into the paint that protects against bacteria and odor. This bed uses a hand control to raise the different sections of the bed. Both the head and foot sections be raised simultaneously as well as individually when required. 

The Harmony Hi-Low homecare bed is specifically designed for those who need extra help with getting from a sitting position to standing. Its rear section can be easily removed and you can even attach your own headboard to the bed. This stylish bed is a great option for those who require patient care at home or in an assisted living environment. 

It’s not just the actual bed which can be helpful and make a difference in recovery or be supportive, but bed table accessories can also be a huge help. 

The Independence Bed Table is the only item of its kind which serves as both a safety rail for the bed, as well as a bedside table. You can easily swivel it out of the when it’s not being used, and then it also comes with a leather organizer where you can store your medication, glasses, books or anything else you might need available close at hand. 

Similar to the Independence Bed Table, the Overbed Table with Auto-Touch is a versatile piece of equipment. It can be used for support when reading, writing, and eating, and is also height adjustable. Featuring an attractive walnut, wood-grain laminate top with molded edge for damage protection, it includes casters to ensure smooth and easy mobility.

Finally, the Great Bed Support Rail fits pretty much any traditional mattress and is easily secured by using its provided straps. It has a height handle which you can easily adjust to make sure it works with the mattress which you have decided to use. 

In summary, hospital homecare beds are a worthwhile asset to your home. It’ll provide you with more comfort as well as safety. The beds, along with additional equipment that we have in stock offer a variety of support functions which will suit your specific needs and fit perfectly into your home.