Ryno Lacer II Wrist/Thumb Support

Ryno Lacer II Wrist/Thumb Support

The Ryno Lacer Wrist and Thumb Support provides superior immobilization of the CMC (carpometacarpal) and MP (metacarpophalangeal) joints of the thumb, yet it permits limited motion of the IP (interphalangeal) joint to allow for contact with the opposing fingers. Made of a polypropylene liner and perforated suede.

How to measure

Measure the circumference of your wrist


Size Chart

Left, Small 5.5" - 6.25"
Left, Medium 6.25" - 7"
Left, Large 7" - 7.75"
Left, X-Large 7.75" - 8.5"
Right, Small 5.5" - 6.25"
Right, Medium 6.25" - 7"
Right, Large 7" - 7.75"
Right, X-Large 7.75" - 8.5"

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