Arjo Sara Stedy

Arjo Sara Stedy

The Sara® Stedy is a further development of the successful Stedy® aid, a proven mobility-promoting support tool that encourages more mobile residents/patients to stand up independently.

The enhanced standing aid concept has become well established in a wide range of care environments, such as in elderly care and healthcare facilities, because it:

  • offers a more suitable and dignified alternative to a wheelchair for the more mobile residents/patients
  • it enables good, reassuring eye contact between the resident/patient and caregiver, unlike a wheelchair
  • it provides transportation to the toilet and washbasin, and can support a wide range of other everyday activities

With a number of new improvements, the Sara Stedy helps to minimise manual handling by caregivers in an even wider range of care environments.

An increased inner width, a new seat shape and a higher safe working load of 182 kg, means the Sara Stedy can also be used to lift bariatric residents/patients.

Enhanced features include a pivoting divided seat and pedal-operated chassis legs, for greater resident / patient comfort and support, and to improve working routines for caregivers.

  • - Weight 29.4 kg (64.82 lbs)
  • - Max. safe working 182 kg (400 lbs)
  • - Total length 905 mm (32 ¾”)
  • - Total height 1051 mm (41 ½”)
  • - Height of chassis 100 mm (4”)
  • - Internal width legs open 729 mm (28 ¾”)
  • - Low friction castors, the rear two with brakes
  • - The product is in compliance with current legislation and applicable product standards
  • - The innovative pivoting seat makes it easier for the resident / patient to get into the lift
  • - The pedal-operated chassis legs can be easily adjusted for optimum access during transfers
  • - Built-in seat handgrips integrated into the seat allow the caregiver to easily turn the support aid
  • - Better and softer knee support provides extra stability and support
  • - Total-lock castors - new total-lock castors provide complete stability when the aid is stationary
  • - Smaller castors and redesigned legs mean a lower chassis for better access
  • - Safe Working Load 182 kg
  • - The cross-bar handle allows the resident / patient to support him/herself by pulling rather than pushing when entering the lift. This can reduce the risk of urine leakage.

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