Catalyst 4 & 4C

Catalyst 4 & 4C

Manufactured by: Ki Mobility

The Catalyst 4 & 4C are the lightest most durable and energy efficient K0004 folders on the market today.
The Catalyst Difference

Catalyst 4 & 4C both take advantage of all of the "Catalyst Difference" design features to allow you to fit, adjust and ride with confidence.  A defining characteristic of each chair is its axle plate which we will highlight below. 

Offset Axle Plate

The Catalyst 4 series axle is mounted 1 ½" forward to traditional axle positions.  This small change can improve efficiency significantly. The simple axle plate design offers vertical adjustments of the axle in five positions.  It can also be reversed to gain greater rearward stability. 

Front Frame Styles

Catalyst 4 & 4C offer the option of a swing away front end featuring our patented footrests or 70° or 80° fixed frames.  The swing away hangers come in 4 bends (60°, 70°, 80° & 90°) are light and easy to use and so strong we offer a lifetime warranty. 

Wheelchairs Are About Wheels

The Catalyst 4 & 4C offers Ki Mobility's full line of specially designed Ki spoke wheels with precision machined hubs and hard anodized handrims.  Utilizing straight pull spokes this wheel promotes a stiffer and stronger wheel while the hard anodize handrim is resistant to scratching so they keep that "NEW" look longer.  We also offer the full array of industry standard wheels and casters such as Spinergy, Natural Fit, Frog Legs and Topolino. 

  • Standard Weight 24lbs10.89kg
  • Seat Width14 - 22"36 - 56cm
  • Seat Depth14 - 20"36 - 51cm
  • Front Seat Height13.5 - 21"34 - 53cm
  • Catalyst 4 Rear Seat Height 12 - 19" 31 - 48cm
  • Catalyst 4C Rear Seat Height12 - 20"31 - 51cm
  • Weight Capacity250lbs / 350lbs Heavy Duty113.40kg / 158.76kg
  • Heavy DutyTop Frame Tubing Size1"2.54cm
  • Bottom Frame Tubing Size1.125"2.86cm

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