Pressure Guard CFT

Pressure Guard CFT

It uses exclusive Constant Force Technology™ to automatically adjust the mattress's network of interconnected air cylinders and elasticized reservoirs to the appropriate, therapeutic levels for each patient, regardless of their weight or position on the surface. Delivers customized pressure reduction comparable to low air loss, while providing patient with a stable surface to maximize functional ability and maintain safe positions.

Provides a clinically effective solution for pressure ulcer prevention and treatment, and the cost effective alternative when resources limit care options. A proven option for prevention in the high risk ICU / CCU environment, and for care of the post-skin graft patient.

Includes all the standard features of other PressureGuard products, including Geo-Matt®anti-shearing top surface, Heel Slope™ feature, and Safety Edge™ stability bolster system

  • PressureGuard CFT requires no set-up, is shipped patient-ready, and is simple to maintain.
  • Weight Limit: 500 lbs. on standard models, 750 lbs. on bariatric models or Full, Queen or King.
  • Mattress weight: 21 lbs.
  • Warranty: 5 years non-prorated.
  • Custom sizes also available.
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