Why You Should Have a Lift Chair

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When it comes to getting older, it’s not just getting around that can become more difficult due to mobility issues, it can also affect the more sedentary parts of our day. This is especially true when it comes to how and where we choose to sit down, relax, and unwind.

Standard chairs can often be uncomfortable, as well as presenting a challenge when it comes to easily standing up from and sitting back down in them. That’s where lift chairs come in. Lift chairs are designed to aid with mobility issues and provide a comfortable experience for all people. Here’s our guide to why lift chairs are important, and what options are available to you when purchasing a lift chair. 

What Are Lift Chairs

For those who may not already be aware, a lift chair is similar in design to a standard reclining chair, but equipped with an electric motor that allows for easier and more comfortable movements for the user.

There are a number of different varieties and styles of lift chair, including:

Physical And Health Relief

While sitting might seem like an inherently relaxing and burden free activity, it can places stress on our bodies, especially as we get older and our bodies become more susceptible to aches, pains, and more.

When placed in the reclining position, a lift chair can take pressure off both the spine and hip area, as well as helping to reduce swelling and inflammation by elevating the angle of your legs. The latter can be tremendously beneficial for those with lower body issues or risks of developing them. And by achieving these, a lift chair helps ensure your body can adequately recover once you’re in the sitting position, helping ensure that no matter what you do throughout the day you’re always in the best position to recover and recuperate.  

A lift chair can also be particularly useful if you suffer from arthritis. For those with arthritic joints, rest and decompression are vitally important, however even simple movements can put stress on the afflicted areas. Reclining in a lift chair helps facilitate this decompression, reducing swelling and pain. It also makes getting to and from the standing position much easier, which can be tricky for those whose movements are limited by arthritis.

Safer Alternative

Replacing a regular chair with the right lift chair is an important step when it comes to staying safe and being able to move around your home or living space with ease and independence as you get older.

By reducing the need for significant exertion when sitting down or standing up, a lift chair will help reduce the risk of injuring or straining vulnerable joints and bones. Lift chairs also help to reduce the risk of falls and injury for people who have balance and mobility issues that can make moving to and from a chair precarious.

A Greater Degree of Comfort

The benefits of using a lift chair aren’t just physical, it can offer a greater degree of comfort and quality of life improvements that will make your daily routine easier and more enjoyable, as well as offering a greater degree of independence and flexibility.

By making it easier for you to get to and from both sitting and standing positions, you’re able to relax in your chair and take a break whenever you want to, without worrying about what happens if you need to get up and do something else. Additionally, lift chairs offer a range of more comfortable seating, and even laying down, positions that will make your life easier.

Our Lift Chairs

We carry an assortment of upholstered lift chairs from Pride Mobility & Golden Technologies. Here are just a couple options:

Golden Relaxer

The Relaxer is the original power lift chair recliner featuring our patented MaxiComfort® Ultimate Recline Technology standard. This popular model is available in three sizes: Small, Medium and Large! The Relaxer model is a true Golden customer favorite, now with a design refresh with modern, well appointed features like super plush rounded armrests, an adjustable three pillow waterfall back, an updated pocket style, and an extra wide chaise pad for better lower leg support. Every MaxiComfort® chair comes standard with our exclusive AutoDrive™ 3.0 hand control to make reclining the chair into your favorite position a breeze!

Pride Vivalift Ultra

Nothing else tilts like the VivaLift Ultra. Ultra offers a superior, restorative relaxation experience with even more position possibilities. True to its name, there are three different heating pads in the shoulders, lumbar and seat. Plus, the all-new air bladder massage system applies gentle pressure to your lower back, with three intensity settings to soothe your aches away. Of course, the Ultra features a discreet hideaway cup holder and wireless charging station. These favorite convenience features are what Pride customers have grown to love. Plus it comes in three sizes: small, medium and large, and in four standard fabric colors: Capriccio cappuccino, dove, slate and smoke.

When it comes to getting the right lift chair for you, or any mobility aid, you want to be able to depend on getting a high quality product that you can rely on. That’s why you need a company with a proven track record and a wide range of products to choose from. Browse our selection to find something that will transform your life, and allow you a greater degree of comfort, safety, and independence.