Using a Four Wheeled Rollator

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Navigating daily life with mobility challenges can be daunting, but with the right support, it can become more manageable and even empowering. Four-wheeled rollators are a popular mobility aid that offers increased stability and convenience, helping individuals maintain their independence and freedom of movement.

However it’s important to use it properly to avoid any further issues and to ensure safety. Users should the time to become familiar with the features and practice proper techniques, as this will greatly enhance the benefits and improve wellbeing. Here are a few things to know about using a rollator.

What is a Rollator?

A rollator is also sometimes called a "wheeled walker" as it’s basically a rolling walker with four large wheels, handlebars, and a built-in seat. Technically a standard walker has no wheels and no seat, but it can assist more with standing compared to a rollator. They both have their uses and choosing the right one depends on individual needs.

Four-wheeled rollators are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and are designed to provide increased support for the user while standing and walking, as it helps take pressure off from one or both legs and offers a helpful tool to lean on. Plus it offers a convenient seat for resting whenever is needed, and some even have accessories for convenient storage.

Learning the proper use of a rollator requires time and practice. While these movements may not always feel intuitive, it's important to ensure the device is being used correctly, as doing it wrong can heighten the risk of falls, and lead to discomfort in the shoulders, neck, or back.

Common errors from users include walking with their heading point down towards the ground, arms are straight out, or having the rollator very far from their body. These issues can arise either from poor/unfamiliar use, or the rollator is simply setup wrong, and luckily that is an easy fix.

Get the Right Height

Ensure that the handle height is set up correctly for the user’s height, where the elbows are slightly bent, and shoulders relaxed. Otherwise there is an increased risk of a fall as the rollator is not supporting the user or helping with balance issues. There would also be additional stress being put on the shoulders, neck, and back, leading to more aches and pains and poor mobility in the future.

To make sure it is set at the right height, the user should stand inside the rollator between the handles, holding a stance with arms hanging loosely at the sides. When the arms are relaxed, the handle height should be level with the wrists, and if it’s not, simply adjust accordingly. Alternatively, measure the distance from the floor to the wrists, as this is how high from the ground the handles/handgrips should be. Then with shoulders relaxed, place hands on the hand grips and elbows should be slightly bent at a comfortable angle, about 15-20 degrees.

Walking with a Rollator

With the proper standing position established, walking is the next step. Make sure that when using a rollator, you are the one in control. Stand inside between the handles and gently walk with it, rather than pushing it away from your body. Don’t let it get too far away.

Good posture is crucial to prevent issues. Ensure that you keep your head up and eyes looking forward. It’s tempting to just watch the rollator, but you need to be looking ahead, not only to keep your neck and back straight but to anticipate the terrain and watch out for hazards, inclines, or uneven surfaces.

Keep a leisurely pace with even strides. Don’t walk too fast or the rollator can end up too far in front of your body, which causes a strain. Use the brakes to slow down when needed. These are conveniently used just by squeezing with hands, so don’t be afraid to use them.

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NovaThe Nova Monarch Open & Fly Rollator lets you take flight with a strong, super stable and sporty design - and the Fold & Go easy fold-down mechanism and removable front wheels make the Monarch easy to fold, carry and store.

Piper Rollator

PiperThe Piper Series, the best-selling walker in its class, was designed for those who need a lightweight yet solid and stable platform. It is the strongest aluminum walker in the market today and is available in four sizes, from the 17” seat height Piper Super Mini DX to the 23” seat height Piper Tall DX.


Xpresso Zero Rollator

The Xpresso Zero series uses Evolution’s patent roman-arch design for superior strength and stability.With the new padded seat cushion and wide back strap pad, users can sit in comfort and walk in style. The Xpresso Zero comes with an all-new braking system, allowing for effortless handle height adjustment and easy maintenance.

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