5 Types of Grab Bars, Why You Need Them, & How to Install Them

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Living independently with a disability often requires a few extra tools and supports that help you stay safe while you’re at home. Unfortunately the shower and bathtub are among the most dangerous places in the home for people with disabilities, and there’s no avoiding using them. 

The big reason for this is there is a risk of slipping, coupled with no safe place to land if you do fall. However there is a small but valuable tool that can change all of that: Grab Bars. 

Grab bars give you an extra place to brace yourself and something to hold onto that will make falls a little less treacherous if they do happen. 

There are many types of grab bars that work for more than just the shower or bath and you don’t have to break the bank to get the right one. You also don’t need to change the walls of your home or drill holes for every model, depending on the type of support you need. Use this guide to discover which grab bar is right for you and how it’s installed. 

1. Quick Suction Grab Bar

This is a ready-to-use grab bar that attaches to smooth surfaces with suction cups on either side. This is a great option for anyone that needs to install a grab bar without using tools, or it can even be used as a portable travel option if you’re staying at a friend or family member’s house where there is no grab bar and you’ll need one. 

The suction cups have an indicator that shows the user the installation is safe and ready to use. It’s light, doesn’t harm the material to which it is attached, and it still provides the safety you need to maneuver with a little extra support. 

2. Chrome Grab Bar

A small, simple version of other grab bars. This is an affordable option for everyone and is mounted into the wall with two screws on either side. This type of grab bar goes with almost any decor and has a lot of uses. 

Depending on the material the wall being used is, the installation is likely to require a power drill. It can be a support in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, or anywhere else you need a little extra help getting up from a sitting position. 

3. Bathtub Safety Rail

A grab bar isn’t always enough when it comes to getting in and out of the bathtub safely. That’s where this bathtub safety rail comes in. Once installed, you can grab onto it with one or two hands to maneuver the way you need to. The bar is shaped so that you can use different maneuvers or angles to move safely. 

Installation uses a tension knob setup and is adjustable to fit almost any tub. Simply place the bottom part over the side of the tub and then turn the knob to increase tension until it is secure.  No special tools are required to install the safety rail. 

4. 120 Degree Grab Bar

Whether you’re looking for a grab bar for your home or a facility, this option covers all the bases. The L shape at a 120 degree angle provides greater control than the average straight line grab bar. There are two places to grab onto to gain more control over movements when you need a little extra support. 

The installation is more complicated. You’ll need tools but, once installed, the grab bar looks great and will provide a lot of safety. The design has covers that go over the bolts used to install the grab bar, helping blend with the aesthetics of any space. 

5. Superpole Bariatric

Some people require assistance getting out of bed every day. If this is you, the Superpole may be the support you need to safely transfer from the bed to a wheelchair, walking frame, or any other assistive device. A little more than a grab bar, the Superpole Bariatric is one of our most comprehensive assistive devices that doesn’t take up a lot of space. 

This support may require a professional installation and will definitely require tools and assistance to install. This device has a higher weight limit than many of our other products and so it requires proper anchoring and a little extra work to get it right. 

Why Do I Need A Grab Bar at My Home?

Grab bars are not about just getting in and out of the bathtub. Assistance may be required in the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or any place where you need a hand getting up or transferring from one sitting or laying position to another. Our devices can help you get that assistance so that you don’t always need another person to help you. 

Stay safe and stay in your own home longer with grab bars and other supports that give you what you need to remain independent. Get in touch with us to find out which grab bar is perfect for your home, your budget, and your safety.