Tips On Renovating Your Bathroom To Be Accessible

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A stylish modern bathroom is a great fit for many homes, and something that can add a real touch of pampering and luxury to your daily routine. But, these designs often fall well short when it comes to accessibility.

Don’t worry, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have the stylish bathroom of your dreams, especially with these tips for renovating your bathroom in an accessible way. 

Walk-In Showers 

A walk-in shower isn’t just a great option for accessibility, it’s also the epitome of sleek modern bathroom design - especially when paired with a high-quality tile, something in a slate grey or even a marbled pattern.

The good news is that, with the addition of a few key features, a walk-in shower can easily be fitted to match up with your accessibility needs. 

Advantages of a walk-in shower include:

  • No steps
    While some walk-in showers come with steps leading in, most are flat from the bathroom floor to the shower floor, so you are able to walk or roll in easily. Make sure that the door is wide enough to accommodate any equipment needed.

  • A comfortable shower seat
    For many, one of the biggest accessibility challenges in having a shower is the difficulty and strain of prolonged periods of standing up. But by taking advantage of the space a walk-in shower affords, you can fit in a comfortable and spacious bath stool, thus overcoming this challenge.

  • Well-positioned shower bars
    A shower bar is a must for any accessible shower design. Ensure that it is fitted at a comfortable and convenient height for use. Use a quick suction bar to test out where exactly the best position will be before permanently screwing one into the wall.  

  • A nonslip floor
    Preventing falls needs to be one of the key goals of any accessible shower design, and this means installing a nonslip floor using materials such as a textured rubber mat over the floor material. Be as decorative as you can with it! 

  • Accessible storage
    It’s a small and often overlooked detail, but it’s important to ensure that all of the in-shower storage for items such as hair care and bathing products are at a reachable height and position, whether you're standing or sitting. 


Goof lighting in your bathroom is an integral matter when it comes to both style and accessibility. It is well worth investing extra time and money to get the details of your light fixtures right.

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that lighting isn’t just about fixtures - natural light is also important when it comes to how you design your bathroom. 

If the layout allows, using as much natural light as possible and diminishing the importance and number of light switches that need to be reached will be tremendously helpful.

When it comes to the actual lighting, try and create an even spread of light with as few shadows as possible and no dimly or poorly lit areas and blind spots.

Keeping all of the light switches at an accessible height, and using larger switches that are easier to use, such as toggles or push buttons is a must. If accessing switches is difficult, you can also consider installing motion detector lights to make things even easier to navigate. 

Sink And Vanity Mirrors 

Being able to use and enjoy the bathroom and sink mirror area is another key part of designing an accessible bathroom, and it begins with making sure the dimensions and proportions are carefully thought through.

Any sink should be wall-mounted, with enough clearance beneath, and if possible, ensure that it can also be approached from the side. 

Much like the light switch, it’s also essential to make sure that single-handle faucets are used so that they can easily be used by everyone in the household. Having a motion-activated sensor would be greatly beneficial as well.  

When it comes to the vanity mirror, place it in a lower position, or use a long mirror to help ensure it can be used easily. If you have multiple needs in your household at different heights, an electronically adjustable vanity mirror could be a useful purchase. 

A Safe And Secure Toilet 

One of the biggest components for renovating a bathroom with accessibility in mind is ensuring that the toilet is both easy to use and comfortable for the user.

With the right equipment and understanding, this is achievable and won’t require you having to compromise on having the bathroom you want.

The most important thing is ensuring that everything is at a comfortable height, and this of course will differ depending on the person.

A few key things to keep in mind to have an accessible toilet:

  • Install a raised toilet seat, which makes it easier to lower and transfer onto. We offer a wide range of adjustable raised toilet seats that will improve comfort and accessibility.  

  • Place the toilet paper dispenser at a comfortable height, and to the front of the bowl for easy access.

  • Make sure items such as extra toilet paper, products, wipes, and sanitary products are all within reach if required.

  • Ensure that there are support bars on both sides of the toilet 

A beautiful and accessible bathroom is within reach with just a few modifications, making sure everyone in your home can safely and comfortably use the bathroom as needed. 

When it comes to creating an accessible home, there is no substitute for high-quality accessibility products that will help make life comfortable and easier to navigate for everyone. To find out more, browse our range of bath safety products or get in touch today.