Residential Stair Lifts

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Our homes are our sanctuaries. We spend a majority of our lives working for them and making them a place of comfort and security. So when we get older and our mobility starts to decline, the thought that we may have to leave our home is often very scary. It is one of the most difficult decisions to make for a lot of people. While your head might understand that by staying in your home you're putting yourself at risk every time you need to use the stairs, the idea and feeling of leaving a place of comfort is overwhelming.

Thankfully, there's an option that can help keep you safe while still living in the home you love: Stairlifts.

What Are Stairlifts?

Stairlifts (also known as stair gliders) are motorized seats made to safely carry adults up and down staircases. They have two parts: A reinforced track, and a stable motorized chair. The track is installed directly onto your steps, and the chair is fitted onto the track. One push of a button, and your seat rides along the track, carrying you smoothly from the top to bottom and back.

Do you have curved stairs? No problem! There are dozens of kinds of stairlifts to fit any situation, indoor or outdoor. Straight lifts are the most popular, because they're easy to install and ready to use in just a couple of hours. But curved stairs, backyard stairs, steep stairs, and even narrow stairs can nearly all be fitted with stairlifts.

How Do Stairlifts Help?

If you have mobility issues, installing a stairlift can give both you and your family peace of mind, knowing that you are no longer in danger of slipping or falling while trying to use your stairs. You can stay in your home for many more years with full access to all of your rooms, enjoying the comforts you worked so hard to have.

Care homes are becoming increasingly expensive, and most families aren’t sure how they will find the funds to cover those costs. Finding an easily accessible bungalow or apartment in today's real estate market also isn't cheap. A stairlift can be an affordable alternative to moving out, keeping you or your loved one at home for longer.

How Do I Get A Stairlift?

Not all homes are built the same. We offer both standard lifts as well as custom stairlifts that are made specific to the stairs in your home.

Our technician will come to your home to take digital photos and measurements. These are then sent to the stairlift manufacturer, who will design a lift specific to those measurements, guaranteed to fit in your space. Whether you have a split-level home or a spiral staircase, you will get a lift that suits your needs and your home.

Contact a store near you to set up an appointment. We’d love to help you gain peace of mind and security in your beloved home.