Reduce Swelling with Cool Healing Technology

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Swelling occurs whenever the organs, skin, or other parts of your body enlarge. It’s typically the result of inflammation or a buildup of fluid. Swelling can occur internally, or it can affect your outer skin and muscles. It can be painful and tender to touch, and can often slow down healing.

There are a variety of ways and remedies to reduce swelling. Your treatment will depend on the cause of the swelling. 

One method which can significantly reduce the pain and speed up your healing time, is cool healing technology, and there are specific pieces of equipment that can help reduce swelling. 

What is Cool Healing?

Cool healing is a type of cold therapy, in the same category as ice packs, ice massage, ice baths, and coolant sprays. It helps reduce swelling by restricting blood flow to the area and slowing down cellular metabolism. 

Cool healing is an effective way to reduce swelling in various parts of your body. It works by reducing the temperature around the affected part which will reduce inflammation and the pain caused by the swelling. 

Everyone can benefit from cool healing methods, as it is not only an efficient way to reduce swelling and pain, but it speeds up rehabilitation and can increase your range of motion.

Benefits of Cool Healing

The primary health benefit is reducing pain and swelling from injuries in distinct parts of the body. That is why it is advisable to have cool healing equipment with you at all times, especially during activities that might result in injuries. Most types of cool healing equipment are portable so you can easily bring them with you without any hassle.

Integrated cold and compression are clinically proven to help reduce post-operative swelling and regain range of motion, and as cool healing equipment has been tailored to accommodate specific parts of the body, you can really target and focus in on the injured part. 

Our Cool Healing Equipment

We are a leading specialist when it comes to home medical equipment in Canada. We offer a variety of cool healing equipment, and if you are planning to buy one, here are some of the top choices for you.

Cyro Cuff IC Cooler

The Cyro Cuff IC Cooler allows you to take care of post-operative swelling and pain whenever and wherever you are. With a pneumatic pump connected to the cooler, this item generates automated cold used for compression therapy. 

The Cryo/Cuff IC provides gravity and motorized, automated cold and compression therapy for flexibility of care. Featuring an integrated pneumatic pump within its lid, the Cryo/Cuff IC is simply designed and easy to use.

Ideal for: Post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training rooms, and home use

Cyro Cuff IC Cooler with Medium Knee Cuff

One of the most vulnerable parts of our body to injuries is the knee. The Cyro Cuff IC Cooler with Medium Knee Cuff can easily cover the entire knee to reduce swelling. Because of its comfortable design, the entire compression therapy is painless and uninterrupted. 

This product is a piece of great medical equipment especially for athletes in different sports and it comes in different sizes for adults and children.

Ideal for: Post-operative recovery, trauma, athletic training rooms, and home use

Donjoy IceMan® Classic 3

The Donjoy IceMan® Classic 3 is one of the best cold therapy units, helping to reduce pain and swelling, speeding up rehabilitation. It helps provide extended cold therapy to aid in a variety of issues, and should be used as directed by a medical professional.

Its recirculation system allows consistent cold therapy with no interruption for efficient and fast results. 

We have been providing home medical equipment for almost two decades. If you’re unsure what equipment or remedy would be best for you, get in touch or visit us in store.