Lift Chairs – Not One Size Fits All

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Island Mediquip MaxiComfort Cloud lift chair in redIt's a common misconception that picking a motorized lift chair is just as easy as picking a new sofa: You choose a style, a color that you like, and you're done.

Not so fast!

Although style and color are important features of your lift chair, there are many other equally important aspects to take into consideration — after all, your health and comfort is at stake! So we've decided to break down the main features you should be taking a look at when choosing a lift chair:

Lift Chair Feature #1: Functions

There are two main kinds of lift chair motors: Single motor, and dual motor.

Single Motor Lift Chairs

A basic single motor lift chair is the simplest style. The remote only has 2 buttons: up, and down. With only one motor, the chair moves as one piece — you are unable to move the backrest and footrest independently from each other. You can lounge with your feet up, sit, or stand.

This chair is great if you don't need too many fancy features and want a straightforward, price-conscious choice.

Dual Motor Lift Chairs

The other style of lift chair is a dual motor chair. This lift chair offers the basic functionality of the single motor, but provides some extra options. The footrest and backrest each have a separate motor, allowing them to move independently of each other. This allows you to have your feet up while adjusting the angle of your backrest for maximum comfort.

Dual motor chairs are excellent for those seeking a little extra comfort, or who have conditions that require specific positioning.

Lift Chair Feature #2: Size

Make Sure It Fits You

Most people don’t realize that choosing the wrong size lift chair can actually cause more damage then good!

If you don’t have the proper head support on your lift chair, then you can develop neck problems over time. Without proper foot support when elevated, you can wind up with serious circulation problems in your legs, increasing instead of decreasing your trips to the doctor.

Make Sure It Fits Your Home

You also want to consider the room that your lift chair will be put in. A lift chair needs to be positioned a certain distance from the wall in order to recline all the way, especially if you plan on sleeping in the chair or require a zero gravity option for leg drainage.

If you have a small room and are forced to place your lift chair closer to the wall, then you may want to consider a "wall hugger" style. Wall hugger lift chairs move away from the wall when reclining, rather than towards the wall.

Lift Chair Feature #3: Style & Color

There are many different colours and designs available for lift chairs. Once you know what kind of functions you require and what size suits your needs, our professionals can show you the styles available within your requirements, and help you choose a lift chair that will compliment your taste and current décor.

All lift chairs at Island Mediquip are available in a variety of fabrics and colours, and you can even upgrade to faux leather upholstery.

Lift Chair Feature #4: Accessories

There are a number of accessories available for lift chairs to add to your comfort:

  • Foot extensions for those who have longer legs and require extra support for their feet
  • Heat and massage functions for the main chair body and extensions
  • Power tilt headrests
  • ...and plenty more!

Just ask your lift chair salesperson about the features you'd like included, and you're certain to find a lift chair that offers ideal comfort, improves your health, and is a perfect fit for any room.