How To Choose A Mobility Scooter

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Let's Keep Mobile and Independent!

Motorized mobility scooters are a great way to keep your independence and continue to have an active, fulfilling life. Whether you had to give up your drivers license for medical reasons, or simply decided that you don't want to drive your car much anymore, scooters are a great option for getting around. They give you the freedom to head out for coffee with friends, get the groceries, hit the golf course, or enjoy some of the beautiful scenery around us.

Buying a scooter may seem like an easy, straightforward purchase, but there are a few things to take into consideration when looking at the many options that are available to you:

Where are you using the scooter?

Your neighborhood, or the main location where you plan on using your scooter, is the first thing to consider. What kind of terrain is there? Are there any large or long hills that you may need to go up or down on a regular basis? Are the curbs on the sidewalks scooter-friendly? These are all things that will help determine the size of scooter you should be looking at.

Do you plan on travelling with the scooter?

Some people want to be able to take their scooter to the local mall to go shopping. Others love to travel, visiting family or seeing the world, and want to take their scooter with them. There are a few styles of scooters that either fold up, or come apart into about 5 pieces. This makes it easier to fit your scooter into the trunk of a car, on an airplane, or in a cruise ship room.

Another option for travelling can be a small power wheelchair, which are even more compact than scooters.

What's the height and weight of the person using the scooter?

All scooters have a weight capacity. We want to make sure that you fit comfortably into that weight range, to ensure that your scooter has the proper-sized batteries and motor to get you around safely. Your height is also a factor. If you're 6'2", you won't fit well in a smaller scooter with very little leg room. Likewise, if you're 5'2", you don't want to be in a scooter so big that you can't reach the controls.

Do you have an occupational therapist?

Island Mediquip does require that you have an occupational therapist involved in the purchase of your scooter. OTs are trained to assess your size, abilities, disabilities, and environment to help you choose the best scooter for you. We want to make sure you scoot away in something that you love that improves your daily life, instead of making a purchase you regret because you weren't properly guided to the right machine for you. If you need an OT, contact the Home & Community Care office in your town, and they can help arrange a visit with an OT in your home. It's that easy!

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