Grab Bar Installations – Not Always So Easy, But Well Worth It

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It may be well worth your time to consider installing grab bar in your bathroom area for safety and security when entering or exiting showers or getting up off a toilet.  Many options are available, however grab bars that are permanently secured into the wall will always allow for the most stable solution.

Many things should be taken into account when assessing where grab bars should be installed.  The best option would be to include the services of an occupational therapist or physiotherapist to assess the ideal location for ergonomics & functionality.  The installation professionals at Island Mediquip can assist the client and therapist in determining the feasibility of installations.


Some trickier grab bar installations include fiberglass shower inserts which have gaps between the fiberglass & wall.  This type of installation can be problematic and a poor installation can result in water leakage inside the wall.  It is highly recommended to consult an installation professional in this case.

A very important consideration when installing grab bars is to make sure that they are fastened directly into the wood studs for maximum holding power and less likelihood of failure.  In addition, using proper waterproof caulking and proper length stainless steel fasteners

There is a wide array of grab bars available which can purchased in various lengths (12”-36” typically).  In addition, there are L-shaped grab bars and custom shapes that can be made for custom applications.  If style and colour are an important factor, there are many more attractive grab bars in materials such as brushed nickel and stainless steel that provide a more stylish and sophisticated option.