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Nordic Walking Poles

More and more doctors, physiotherapists, and occupational therapists are starting to prescribe and recommend walking poles! Studies show that using walking poles is not only good for physical recovery, but also good for balance, confidence, and your overall health.

Island Mediquip carries poles from Urban Poling, a Canadian-owned and -operated company dedicated to not only providing quality poles, but also educating people on how to use them to optimize their health. Urban Poling offers two varieties of walking poles, both offering different health benefits:

Series 300

The Series 300 walking pole has a boot-shaped tip to help boost speed and increase your cardiovascular workout. A secure twist-locking mechanism allows you to adjust the height of your poles to an exact setting, to keep your arm at the optimal usage angle. Series 300 poles exercise 90% of your muscles while reducing stress on your lower extremities. They are great for burning more calories and using more muscle while walking, snowshoeing, or mountain climbing.

Activator Pole

With a large bell-shaped tip and a more secure pole height locking system, Activator Poles are for people who have balance issues or are recovering from an injury. The locking system supports up to 200 lbs, allowing the poles to bear more of your weight. They are ideal for situations where you need to rely on poles to keep you upright, such as recovering from a leg injury or compensating for imbalance. The stability of the Activator Pole can give you the confidence to stay active, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Vancouver Island.