Gardening With Limited Mobility

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If you have mobility issues one of the most important things is to be able to get out and enjoy fresh air and stimulation without having to venture too far from home. This is why having gardening as a hobby can be a great activity, as it gives a place to relax, keep active, and enjoy the benefits of a mobile and independent lifestyle. 

With that in mind, this post is going to look at some of the best tips and advice to help anyone who has trouble with mobility to garden at home in a comfortable and enjoyable way. 

Physical and Emotional Benefits Of Gardening 

Gardening is a great hobby for anyone, but it can be especially beneficial for people as they get older. While it may not feel like strenuous work, it is a great way of strengthening muscles and joints, as well as getting regular exercise that will help you maintain your physical wellbeing. As your body ages, this regular movement becomes more important, especially when it comes to promoting balance and ease of movement. 

Gardening also can do wonderful things for your emotional wellbeing, as a great source of stress reduction and that all important feel good factor, as well as being a vital source of Vitamin D and fresh air. 

Gardening can also help to keep you mentally sharp. Memory issues especially can be concerning for people as they get older, and maintaining a regular gardening schedule can help to combat this. 

Finally, gardening is not merely a solo activity—especially for those that may need some assistance. It can be a great way of catching up with friends or family and being social, while also ensuring that you won’t have to take on too heavy of a burden yourself. 

Focus On Low Maintenance Plants

One of the best ways to ensure your garden is always a manageable task is to focus on low maintenance plants. These are plants which are often perennial, and bloom for longer periods. 

There are many plants that fit the bill, ensuring that you’ll be able to create a vibrant and exciting garden while also allowing for a more forgiving schedule and routine. 

Some great low maintenance plants that you can use include:

  • Hibiscus 

  • Geraniums 

  • Daisies 

  • Ferns 

  • Coneflowers 

  • Hosta 

Getting The Right Tools 

We understand the value of getting the right mobility aids, and gardening is no different! It can be quite labour intensive work, but there are a wide array of tools and aids out there that can be used to help make things easier for you and allow you greater freedom, giving you the ability to make the most of the outdoor space you have. 

One of the simplest things you can do is to focus on lighter and ergonomically shaped tools that will be easier for you to use. Plastic tools will often be lighter, and hand tools that have ergonomic designs such as arm cuffs will provide more support. 

This can also extend to how you store your tools. Ensure that they are easily accessible and don’t need to be carried over larger distances. Having something such as a cart that can be used to help transport any tools you need can also be helpful. 

Plan With Accessibility In Mind

When it comes to being able to enjoy your garden, the best starting point comes with the layout, and building something that will be able to meet your needs. Try and incorporate wide pathways, which will allow for easy access even with mobility aids, and utilize non slip surfaces. 

Ensuring that there are ample seating options will also help you, especially when it comes to resting and taking breaks while working in the garden. Finally, incorporating raised beds and vertical planters, so that you won’t have to overexert yourself reaching too far down, can make things easier for you to manage. 

Pace Yourself 

Working on your garden should be a relaxing and enjoyable process, which is why it’s important to go at a pace that matches your needs. Try to take on smaller tasks and monitor how much time you’re spending, with frequent breaks. As well as ensuring you don’t overexert yourself by lifting items that are too heavy, or taking on a task that requires more strength than you have.

Everyone has the right to comfort and independence, and here at Island Mediquip we’re committed to ensuring that for all of our customers, no matter what their needs. We have a wide range of mobility aids and equipment, and a dedicated customer service team that will be on hand to answer any questions you might have. To find out more, get in touch or come visit us in our stores.