The Different Kinds of Posture Pillows

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Did you know that Island Mediquip carries a variety of posture pillows? We want to make sure that you're as comfortable as you can be — whether you're looking for a good night's rest, have problems with snoring or sleep apnea, or have lower back problems, we have something that can help!

Bed Wedges Are More Diverse Than You Think!

Most people think that bed wedges are just for keeping you comfortable and supported while sitting up in bed. They are commonly used by people who are recovering from some kind of surgery and are confined to their beds for a period of time.

Bed wedges do give your back far more support than a bunch of pillows piled up behind you. But did you know that they can help if you suffer from snoring or breathing problems at night? By sleeping on a bed wedge, your torso is slightly elevated, which helps keep your airways open. And if you are suffering from a really bad head cold, this will help keep your sinuses clear and drained while trying to get the rest you need.

Sick Of Waking Up With A Stiff Lower Back & Hips?

Lumbar support cushions can offer some relief. There are a few different styles depending on what your needs are; some can even help with lower leg pain or drainage issues. If you suffer from lower back or hip pain when you sleep, adding a cushion can help.

When sleeping on your back, putting a lumbar support cushion under your knees will pivot your pelvis, eliminating some of the curvature of your lower back and giving it the proper support it needs from your mattress. If you sleep on your side, putting the cushion between your knees will open your legs, keeping your hips in a more natural position. Or if you suffer from foot pain or fluid problems in your lower legs, placing a cushion under your feet will elevate them off of the bed, helping drain the fluid and easing your pain.

Has Sleeping Become A Literal Pain In The Neck?

Cervical pillows can help with neck pain and stiffness associated with how we sleep. The pillow is shaped to offer support to your neck, while providing a soft comfortable cradle for your head to rest in. The neck support helps keep your spine as straight as possible, so you don't wake up feeling stiff and sore from sleeping in an unnatural position.

Whatever your sleeping situation may be, we're sure to have a pillow solution for you!