Choosing the Right Aids for Daily Living

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Living independently and being able to rely on yourself is something that can sometimes be a challenge. Particularly now during the Coronavirus pandemic, when many of us are finding ourselves isolated, away from our usual support system of friends and family.

Adjusting to life in isolation can be a stressful experience and having the right equipment will certainly help make the change easier to deal with.

Having access to the right aids also helps relieve a lot of stress and makes it easier to gain independence in the best of times. 

We offer a lot of items that can help with performing household tasks that might otherwise be a struggle. Read more about some daily items that might be useful to have around the house. 

What are Aids for Daily Living? 

These products so-called assistive technology are specifically designed to be used as self-care equipment, by the elderly or those who are disabled. Their aim is to make every day activities easier such as bathing, moving around, and leisure activities to name a few.

No matter how small the equipment can be, they can make an enormous difference to daily life and provide a confidence boost. You might want something that makes it easier to get dressed or find equipment that will make mobility around the house easier, which will save you a lot of time and stress.

How do I Know What Product is Best to Buy? 

Speaking to your local healthcare professional will help you establish what type of equipment would be beneficial to you. You can also as us for advice in finding the best products to make your daily life smoother. 

For example, if you have mobility problems you might be referred to an occupational therapist. The occupational therapist will then help you assess your needs and then recommend what type of mobility equipment you might need to do tasks that might otherwise be difficult. They will be able to tell you what specific aids that would help you complete these daily tasks.

When it comes to choosing the right product for your specific needs, it can be a challenge. Our website offers a broad range of aids for daily living, with a description of their use. 

Example of the Aids we Offer

On our website, you can find products that will help you with.

Dressing Aids

To make getting dressed an easier part of your daily routine, we can offer several aids to make things easier for you.

One of these items is The Elastic Shoe and Sneaker Laces by Lifestyle Essentials. We have it available in three different colors, which will allow you to match with many different styles of your choosing.

It’s especially designed to make putting on and taking off shoes much easier. With this aid, you will never have to tie your lace because of the elasticity. This daily aid is specifically designed to make it easier for sufferers of arthritis or with back/hip problems.

Toileting Aids

If you’re looking for a product to make toileting easier, we have The Female Urinal by Drive. This item is a necessity for those who struggle with getting out of bed. It is specifically designed to prevent spillage because of its unique design and shape.

This female urinal has a steady grip, which makes it perfect for easy handling and it is easy for the patient to use different positions. The unit we sell is lightweight, very easy to clean and long-lasting. It is capable of holding up to 35oz or 9L. 

Mobility Aids 

Mobility can be a source of stress for many and we have several aids that can help make it easier. One of these items is The Independence Bed Table. This item is the only bed rail on the market that combines both the safety of a bed rail, along with the luxury of a bedside tray.

It has a handle that offers assistance while standing, and is also specifically designed to prevent nighttime falls. It comes with a luxury tray that is able to swivel out of the way when it is not being used, and its legs extend to the ground for the purpose of extra stability, with the leather organizer capable of keeping books, medications, or glasses close by.

Just like all of our products, it looks like an ordinary piece of furniture to maintain the familiar comforts of your own home.

When it comes to daily aids, it can be a jungle to figure out what you need and what products to buy that will help make independent living easier for you. We offer a wide range of equipment suitable for different individual needs to make life more comfortable for you.