Bath Safety Essentials

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Bathing can sometimes be difficult, uncomfortable, and hazardous, especially for those with limited mobility. To avoid this affecting quality of life, there is a range of bathroom safety accessories and furniture that can be installed so that you have peace of mind, and ensures that using and navigating the bathroom is accessible and easy for people of all ages and needs.

Grab Bars and Handrails

When it comes to making a bathroom safe and accessible, ensuring a person can move around with minimal risk and discomfort is a great starting point—and this can be easily achieved through the use of handrails and grab bars.

A grab bar is a simple, but effective and necessary mobility solution that will make it easier for anyone to access their bath or shower. Placed strategically, a grab rail can offer vital support and stability, reducing the risks of falling, and making it easier to navigate around comfortably.

When installing a grab bar, take care to ensure that it is properly anchored and secured to the wall, and that it can withstand the weight and pressure of being used regularly. You should also check to make sure that it is placed at a comfortable height for the user.

Handrails can be used to offer support throughout the bathroom itself, making it easier to move around and along without having to worry about the risk of slipping and falling. They are especially useful when installed alongside key points such as toilets and sinks. When installing handrails and grab bars, try to consult a professional for the installation, and consider the durability and waterproofing of the materials being used.

Non Slip Materials

One of the most common and perilous hazards in the bathroom is the risk of slipping and falling due to wet surfaces. Investing in non-slip mats and grippers, to be placed both inside and outside of your shower or bathtub is a simple and effective way to minimize the risk of slipping in those areas.

When getting these items, choose materials that are going to be durable and reliable, as any wear could make them less effective and introduce a greater risk of slipping and falling. You also need to consider how easily the material can be cleaned and how often that will need to be done, as the buildup of soap and moisture can make the material less effective at reducing the risk of slipping.

Raised Toilet Seats

Being able to safely and comfortably use the toilet is tremendously important for anyone’s quality of life and personal health. A raised toilet seat will make using the toilet easier, requiring less exertion and difficulty by reducing the height of the toilet, something that with a conventional toilet can present difficulty for those with mobility issues, especially back problems.

When looking for a raised toilet seat, consider the height needed for the person using it to reach comfortably, as well as the ease of installation, and look out for models that come with an armrest for added support.

Shower Chairs and Transfer Benches

Bathing should be a relaxing and comfortable endeavor, but for some having to stand up for prolonged periods—even in the shower—can be strenuous, with the added exertion also posing a health risk, However this can be combated by installing a shower chair or a transfer bench in the bath or shower. These will offer a place to sit during bathing, as well as making it easier to get in and out of the shower or bath. There are a few different types of shower chair available, with the three most common categories being:

  • Shower chairs: a shower chair is a lightweight chair that can be used in either a shower or a bathtub, and will typically come with backrests and armrests for added stability and comfort
  • Transfer Benches: these are for use in bathtubs, and will usually cover the entire edge of it, providing a place to sit outside of the bath, as well as making it easier to get in and out of.
  • Swivel bath seats: unlike the other two options, which are static, the swivel seat rotates making it easier to get in and out of the bath and offers more flexibility.

Finding a chair that fits comfortably into your bath or shower, as well as one with adjustability should you require it is important, after all it will be something that is used often. Ensure you choose one with correct dimensions and that it is made with a material that will be durable and able to withstand moisture over time.

When it comes to bathroom accessories, and especially when it comes to you or your loved ones safety and comfort, there is simply no substitute for dependability, reliability, and a proven track record. Which is exactly what you can count on from Island Mediquip, so to find out more get in touch with us today.