Aids for Arthritis Relief and Enhanced Mobility

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Arthritis isn’t a single disease, the term refers to joint pain or joint disease, and there are over 100 types and related conditions, which can affect individuals at any age. Its symptoms include swelling, pain, stiffness, and limited joint movement, which can affect individuals of all ages.

Symptoms can vary in intensity and duration, with some remaining stable over time while others progress and worsen rapidly. Severe arthritis can lead to chronic pain and significant challenges in walking and other daily activities. However, there are aids available that can greatly alleviate these difficulties, and in this blog we will explore some of these tools and devices.

IMAK Arthritis Gloves

The IMAK Arthritis Gloves and are specifically designed to relieve aches, pains, and stiffness associated with arthritis. With a unique and medical-grade design they offer a gentle and even compression along with warmth which reduces pain and promotes proper healing.

Crafted from soft and breathable cotton material, these gloves prioritize your comfort and can be worn throughout the entire day or night. With their open fingertips, you can effortlessly carry out everyday tasks without any hindrance, including complete access to touch screen mobile devices, allowing you to stay connected and engaged while receiving much-needed relief. To ensure a perfect fit, the IMAK Gloves are available in four size options, catering to a wide range of hand sizes.

Airgo Offset Cane

Experience stability and support with the Airgo Offset Handle Cane, designed to improve your walking experience and ideal for those with arthritis. Featuring a Comfort-Plus handle with a cushioned grip, it effectively absorbs shocks, plus the innovative new cane handle grips securely attach to the wall, allowing you to conveniently rest it when not in use.

With 12 push-button height settings, this cane easily adjusts to fit your specific needs and accommodates individuals ranging from 5' to 6'5" in height. Crafted from ultra-durable lightweight anodized aluminum, it ensures long-lasting durability. Your safety is prioritized with the included cane strap featuring a reflective patch for enhanced visibility during nighttime walks, and the treaded rubber Flex-Grip tip provides superior traction, offering stability on various surfaces.

Elastic Shoelaces

When it comes to enhancing daily life, even the simplest solutions can make a significant difference. Elastic shoelaces are one such innovation designed to improve the process of slipping on or taking off shoes or sneakers. With these laces, there's no need to untie traditional knots, making them an ideal choice not only for individuals with arthritis but also for those who struggle with bending or dexterity issues.

They come in a length of 27 inches, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of footwear, and are available in three attractive colours, allowing you to coordinate them with various styles and preferences. By eliminating the need for time-consuming lacing and tying, these shoelaces promote independence and make daily routines smoother and more efficient.

Alpha Rollator

The Alpha walker is designed specifically for individuals dealing with the complexities of walking with arthritic or stroke conditions. It provides stability and support while minimizing the effort required for braking as it is specifically designed to accommodate limited hand dexterity, making it easy to engage and disengage as needed.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Alpha features unique and adjustable forearm supports that cater to individual needs. These supports can be fine-tuned in terms of angle, width, and depth, ensuring optimal comfort and alignment. Additionally, the walker features a convenient flip-up seat, which not only provides greater reach access but also facilitates gait training, aiding individuals in their journey towards improved mobility.

Piper Rollator

The Piper Series caters those note in need of a lightweight yet robust and steady platform. The strongest aluminum walker on the market, it offers unparalleled strength combined with exceptional stability. With four size options available, ranging from the compact 17" seat height Piper Super Mini DX to the elevated 23" seat height Piper Tall DX, there's a perfect fit for everyone.

Designed with convenience in mind, the Piper Series features a seamless one-hand folding system, making it effortlessly manageable for both users and caregivers. For individuals dealing with arthritis, the easy locking brake system offers peace of mind and optimal control. Its short wheelbase allows for a smaller turning radius, ensuring easy maneuverability in tighter living spaces, and the narrow frame enables smooth passage through narrow doorways. Emphasizing safety at every step, the Piper Series comes equipped with innovative reflective tapes, providing visibility from every angle and enhancing overall safety.

Lift Chairs

Lift chairs offer tremendous benefits for individuals dealing with painful joints, back discomfort, arthritis, and similar conditions. We’ve previously written a whole blog on the benefits of lift chairs, as with features such as lumbar support, heated sections, and built-in massage systems, lift chairs offer personalized comfort, greatly enhancing your personal wellbeing. We offer a wide selection of lift chairs to cater to your specific needs, ensuring you find the perfect chair that brings the right level of support and relaxation.

These innovative solutions have the power to greatly enhance daily life and improve overall wellbeing by providing much-needed relief for individuals dealing with painful joints, back discomfort, and arthritis-related symptoms.

From the soothing compression of IMAK Arthritis Gloves to the stability and support of the Airgo cane, these aids offer the potential for increased independence, reduced pain, and an improved quality of life. Take the time to explore the wide range of available aids, finding the ones that best cater to your unique needs, and discover the transformative benefits they bring.