Accessible Date Night Ideas

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In addition to tasty food and a charming atmosphere, ramps, lifts, and access areas should be at the top of your date night list. While there are unfortunately some activities and venues that aren’t going to be possible to participate in, there are dozens of other fun date ideas. So whether it’s for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year when you want to have a romantic date, here are a few date ideas that everyone can usually* enjoy, regardless of mobility.

*Nothing is guaranteed, it is always best to call the organizers or venue ahead of time to ensure that things are accessible, and learn what accommodations are possible.

Go See a Movie

It’s a classic date experience for a reason, something everyone can enjoy. Maybe not the best choice for a first date as there’s little chance of getting to know one another, but it’s hard to go wrong with a movie theatre venture. Theatres are required to have accessible with at least one spot for a caregiver, friend, or a date! So make sure to grab popcorn and snacks before discovering a new movie together.

Make a Meal

Date night is a special time for couples to bond and connect with each other. One fun activity to do together is to cook a meal. Not only is it a way to spend quality time together, but it also allows you to share in the joy of creating something delicious. Depending on your accessibility levels you can take on different responsibilities, which can include just telling the other person exactly what to do!

Go Stargazing 

Stargazing can be a fun, romantic experience, that bonus is completely free! As long as it’s not too cloudy, this is an enjoyable way to spend some time together. You don’t need a fancy telescope, you just need to find a good location and get comfy. Generally paved parking lots far enough away from the light pollution with limited tree cover are ideal. Brings snacks, hot drinks, and blankets for a cozy outing.

Do an Art Class

A unique and creative way to spend quality time with your significant other, consider taking a one-off art class. This is a great opportunity to try something new, learn new skills and bond over a shared experience. Whether you're an experienced artist or a complete novice, art classes offer a relaxed and fun environment where you can let your creativity flow and express yourself freely. Not only will you leave with a beautiful piece of art, but you'll also create lasting memories and deepen your connection with each other.

Carousel at Butchart Gardens

If you’re in Victoria one of the most stunning locations is Butchart Gardens. While not 100% of the gardens are accessible due to some narrow pathways and steep walkways, luckily the vintage Carousel is accessible. With 30 hand-carved wooden animals and chariots, it is loved by children and adults alike. Cost is extra on top of the garden admission, but it makes for a fun and unique date.

Fisherman’s Wharf

Just around the corner from Victoria's Inner Harbour, Fisherman's Wharf in a unique place to explore, offering food kiosks and shops. There is a sturdy and substantial ramp from the pay parking lot down to the wharf, and most of the walkway is covered with an anti slip mesh. In addition there are gender neutral restrooms on the wharf, including an accessible one, with a small threshold to cross between the wharves. Seafood, quirkiness, and colourful homes, what more could be wanted for a date?


Bowling is a timeless activity that continues to be a popular choice for a fun night out. With accessibility equipment readily available, everyone can enjoy this classic pastime. Before heading out, make sure to reach out to the bowling alley to confirm their accessibility and ability to accommodate your needs.

Nature Walks

There’s nothing quite like exploring nature and being surrounded by tall lush trees. We’re lucky on Vancouver Island that there are so many accessible walking paths in our beautiful forests. Check out our list of accessible hiking paths for a romantic date in the great outdoors.

Picnic at a Park

While it may be a bit too cold this month to picnic outside, it is a nice little date idea to keep in mind. There are many wonderful picnic locations across the Island, and many have picnic tables which can accommodate a wheelchair. Bring fancy glasses and drinks to make the outing extra special!

There are a multitude of accessible date night options that allow for a fun and memorable experience for all. Whether it's taking an art class, exploring nature or engaging in a classic game like bowling, there are endless possibilities for a fantastic evening. What's most important is to find an activity that both partners enjoy and can participate in together. With a little creativity and effort, date night can be a truly special and enjoyable occasion.